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Help! We Need Some Video. Help!

We are on a mission to find the HOPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, but we need your help. There are hundreds of breweries and beer bars throughout the country and the world, and we only have time to visit so many of them. So, here’s how you can help us. We need some photos and short videos that we can use to edit and turn into short videos (PLEASE FILM HORIZONTALLY…YOU KNOW….SIDEWAYS). In return, we will give you credit on the video, and include your name, social media, website, etc. See our other videos for shots that make us HOPPY!

Here’s What We Are Looking For:

Next time you are at a craft beer bar or brewery, simply pull out your Smartphone (must record at least 720p), snap at least 10 photos of the beer, the beer list, and different angles of the establishment. Do the same with video. Try to take at least 5 videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute long each (watch a couple of our videos to get an idea of the kind of shots we like). Then, simply email the photos directly to No need to edit the videos. We will do that!

**For highest quality, it’s recommended to upload photos to computer before sending. If you’re unable to, and can only send directly from your phone, ¬†that’s okay. We will review it, and if quality is okay, we can still use it.


If you want your name, or social media information shared on the video, just let us know. When submitting, please include:

Name of bar/brewery
City and State
Date of your visit
(optional) Your name, and social media accounts.

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