Duck Foot Brewing Company

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Duck Foot Brewing Company is the latest San Diego craft beer brewery that is beginning to make some serious waves throughout the county. Named after a snowboarding stance, Duck Foot is making their mark by putting out incredibly clean, flavorful, and beautifully crafted brews. Located just off of Miramar Rd., just down the street from Ballast Point sits this small, but very good brewery.

Beer Hops

During our visit on a rainy Sunday afternoon, there was a decent sized crowd that continually flowed through the front doors. I took a seat at the far end of the L-shaped bar, examined the menu for a moment and decided on a flight. I opted for the single IPA, a smoked Red, an Irish Stout, and two others that have somehow escaped this beer-loving hop-headed mind of mine. I do remember that I also sampled their Porter, which was very, very delicious. So, I can’t remember everything that I’ve always consumed…what are you going to do?

Duck Foot Brewing (2)

Artwork inside Duck Foot Brewery

Immediately, it was clear that everything that I have been hearing throughout the county was correct–Duck Foot Brewing is not messing around. The beers are absolutely beautiful in look, taste, and balance. As the storm was brewing outside, the brews inside were tickling the taste buds and leaving me very satisfied. For the next hour or so, the front door continued to swing open with new patrons, so something is telling us that this place is just beginning to take off. Word spreads quickly throughout San Diego, so there’s no doubt that if you build it, and if you brew it well, they will come.

The interior was simple, but welcoming. The brew tanks stand at the rear left of a building like a hoppy army just waiting to go to battle. A series of tables make up the front of the room, with enough space to seat roughly 20 people or so. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their brews, and kicking back on this stormy Sunday. What can we say? Another great spot off of Miramar….and another fantastic brewery in San Diego! Well done, Duck Foot! Cheers.

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