Yoga and Beer: Things are Getting Weird

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yoga and beer

The Hopster getting his Yoga on

I have to admit, the word ‘yoga’ makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I feel like it’s this secret society where people go, gather and come out sweating after an hour of what I always felt was glorified stretching. Apparently, I’m really missing the boat on this one because word on the street is that yoga is quite difficult and somehow it’s also relaxing at the same time. I don’t know how, but the craft beer world got in on this phenomenon as well. Or, perhaps the yog’sters got in on the craft beer thing. Whatever the case may be, the two have began this weird and somewhat bizarre relationship that seems to be heating up throughout the country. That’s right…we’re talking yoga and beer…at the same time…yeah!

“Hey honey, we’re going to the brewery to share Miley Cyrus stories with each other, do you want to come?”

“That’s happening at a brewery? Heck yeah, I’ll go”

According to a recent article in Arizona Daily Star:

“While the teaching is traditional, the classes tend to attract newbies, especially men, says Beth Cosi, found of Bendy Brewski in Charleston, South Carolina and Memphis.

“We get the men in the door mostly because it’s in a brewery and they get a beer afterward. That’s the carrot. A lot of them come with girlfriends, wives, sisters,” Cosi said.”


I guess that makes pretty good sense. Dangle that carrot long enough and the herd will come running like the nut-crazed hopheads they are. I’d have to imagine that guys would go with their girlfriend to a brewery for just about any reason whatsoever. “Hey honey, we’re going to the brewery to share Miley Cyrus stories with each other, do you want to come?” “That’s happening at a brewery? Heck yeah, I’ll go”

“The trend has caught on quickly with yoga-beer partnerships throughout Florida, New York and California. Cosi has been mentoring yoga teachers across the country looking to host beer yoga events. Beer maker Dogfish Head created a Namaste beer, Belgian-style white with dried organic orange flesh and fresh-cut lemongrass; and Lululemon, the athletic apparel line, partnered with Stanley Park Brewing on a limited-edition style with Chinook and Lemondrop hops.” HOPLOGOFINAL2

Who knows…I guess it could be a happy marriage

“The majority of our yogis are usually girls and the majority of people in the brewery are men so it’s kind of helped crossed that chasm of getting girls into craft beer,” said Chris Gove president of the SaltWater Brewery in Delray Beach. After all, Paste Magazine reports that: “Young women ages 21-34 now consume craft beer over index (over the national average), and represent 15% of the total consumption. Craft beer isn’t just for bros—women continue to join the ranks of the bearded drinkers in a huge way. Female-owned breweries are popping up every day, and the ratio of female brewers is increasing as well. The fact that women 21-34 are now over index means that they are one of craft’s most ardent group of supporters, and the 15% they make up is JUST the 21-34 bracket. That’s a hugely significant number.” 

Whatever the case may be, it seems like it’s all around good for everyone involved. It gets people out there getting some exercise,and introduces more and more people to craft beer. A match…not so much made in heaven…but interesting…very interesting. Nama….nama….nah, I’m gonna go get me another beer.

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