10 Super Cool Craft Beer Cans

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For years the perception of drinking a beer from a can meant that it was some type of lousy, urine tasting garbage that was meant to be shotgunned, beer bonged, or tossed as hard as possible against a brick wall. Oh how the times have changed! Craft  beer cans haven taken flight, and have become both cool, and practical. Breweries have discovered that the insulated cans keep beer fresher, unlike bottles that allow light to penetrate through the glass. The light caused beers to take on a skunky flavor with lots of off-flavors, and a brew that didn’t taste very fresh. Luckily, more people have accepted the fact that delicious beer can come from cans, and lots of breweries have discovered that it’s positive all around to can instead of bottle.

Beer Hops

It may have taken a little bit for beer drinkers to get used to the idea that some really amazing beer can come from a can, but the tides have definitely turned, and cans are beginning to dominate. Breweries have really latched onto the canning idea, and have started putting out very clever, well designed cans.

Now you can easily take a bunch of cans out to the wilderness, guzzle them down around a campfire, and then simply crush them and recycle them

Bottles are quite limited as far as what you could add to the label, but cans have the feel of something similar to holding onto an old vinyl record–it’s something tangible, like a piece of artwork that you can hold onto and enjoy while you consume your brew. In addition to it helping to keep the beer fresher and adding a nice piece of artwork and design, it’s also very practical. In the past it was quite the hassle to lug a bunch of bottles with you if you wanted to take some good craft beer camping, to the pool, or out to a tailgate party. That’s no longer the case. Now you can easily take a bunch of cans out to the wilderness, guzzle them down around a campfire, and then simply crush them and recycle them. As more breweries turn to canning over bottling, craft beer drinkers can look forward to more super delicious beer coming from amazingly cool cans. Here are what we think are the Top 10 Craft Beer Cans:

1: Hopworks Urban Brewery : Abominable Winter Ale


2. Against the Grain: Rico Sauvin


3. Destihl Brewery: Abbey’s Single


4. Pizza Port Brewing : Kook IPA


5. Sierra Nevada : Otra Vez


6. Barrel Harbor Brewing : Fenris IPA


7. Aviator Brewing Company : Saison de Aviator


8. Black Hog Brewing: Easy Rye’Da


9. Oskar Blues : Ten Fidy

Casual day ’round the office canning #BarrelAged #TenFidy in 19.2 cans. #shitsgettingreal

A photo posted by Oskar Blues Brewery (@oskarblues) on


10. Hopworks Urban Brewery :Hopworks IPA

Organic Hopworks IPA spotted in the wild. Photo by @elcieloytierra. A photo posted by Hopworks Urban Brewery (@hopworksbeer) on

If you think that we missed a can that deserved to be on this list, let us know on Facebook or Twitter (use the hashtag #myhoppyplace to share your favorite craft beer cans).

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